Industrial Ventilation.
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INDIVENT is a new leader in products used for eliminating workplace hazards by capturing fumes / dust/Chips by removing them at source i.e. "Capture at source” i.e. extraction of contaminants right at the point of creation, before they reaches to the breathing zone. Our Company is new leader in the fields Of HVAC Products,like Oil Mist Extractor , Dust Collectors, Chip Extractor, Floor Cleaning Equipment in indigenous way of production competing with international Standards/Technology, which are safety equipment. Environment, Health and Safety and the optimum investments are central to our ethos - to advise customer and work with them to develop solutions and products to improve their workspace / production area and efficiency / productivity. Together with all of our products , we make the workspaces all around the world clean , safe and efficient.
    Our Mission & Ethos.
make in India
The INDIVENT wants people to breathe fresh air, so they can live long and work in a healthy environment We want to achieve this by development of innovative indigenous and client oriented products (Import substitute) and solutions with and market these in a professional manner, with optimum price and become market leader in India & aboard. It is new company having well experienced designers and promised to supply custom based product. Our successful progress is based on our commitment to continuous product development, efficient manufacturing and extensive marketing activities along with optimising the prices. We would like to bring to your kind notice that our products have highest standards of quality to give trouble free operation. We, at INDIVENT understand that no client like to spend on recurring maintenance / consumables expenses for products under usage. Therefore our products are designed in the principal of “FIT AND FORGET”.
    Application of our Product.
make in India
  •   Design HVAC Systems for people leaving/working in building/industries, Not for the buildings/industries alone.
  •   Co-ordinate always working environment with people, space and the nature.
  •   Be fair with all customer.
  •   Design the system to service easy, optimum ways.
  •   Dig deep into to a given piece of Equipment, technology specs. and find nuggets of information that might save the owner and/or
  •   Contractors money.
  •   Attend the complaints as matter of Heart Disease at the earliest. Our products will clean the air from any airborne gases and particles like
  •   Soldering fumes.
  •   Grinding dust.
  •   Chemical dust and fumes.
  •   Welding fumes.
  •   Oilmist.
  •   Metal cutting dust & fumes.
  •   Rescue vehicle exhaust gases.
  •   Workshop vehicle exhaust gases.
  •   Our Cliente
    •   Weilbergur Pigmnet Ltd.

      Howrah, West Bengal

    •   Siemens

      Kharagpur, West Bengal

    •   Timken

      Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

    •   Delta Fabrics (P) Ltd

      Kolkata, West Bengal

    •   Penguin Hotels & Restrurant

      Howrah, West Bengal

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